• The Bicycle Garage: A Guide for Bike Riders
    A comprehensive collection of cycling resources including safety, commuting, routes, websites, forums, history, and the many health benefits of cycling.  (Thanks to a Boy Scout for providing this link.)
  • Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC)
    The most effective Los Angeles area bicycle advocacy organization. Includes links to other regional, state and national organizations.
  • League of American Bicyclists (LAB)
    The largest national bicycle advocacy organization.
  • Road Bike Rider Online (RBR)
    Very informative free weekly newsletter and affordable e-books on a wide variety of bicycling topics.
  • Adventure Cycling Association (ACA)
    Largest cycling membership organization in the US. Their focus is on touring including bicycle touring maps and routes over the entire USA.
  • Bikely
    Free bicycle routes based on Google Maps. Search for a route in your area, or add your favorite routes.
  • Los Angeles Bike Paths
    A guide to ‘Class I’ bike paths around Los Angeles and Northern Orange Counties.
  • Sheldon Brown
    Over 200 very well-written “How to” articles on bicycle riding, maintenance, and upgrading written by a highly-regarded and beloved bicycle guru, the late Sheldon Brown. Even if you don’t want to maintain your own bike, you should read the articles that interest you.
  • Bike Forums
    A very active on-line cycling community of forums for virtually every type of bike, type of riding, or type of rider. Also includes regional forums and a market place to buy and sell. For “older” riders, be sure to check out the Fifty Plus (50+) forum.