New Year’s Day 2011: Ride to the Rose Parade

View of one of the Rose Parade floatsThis year’s annual ride to the Rose Parade included 13 CSBG  riders who mingled with almost that many more from the Covina Cycle Club. The route is about 35 miles round-trip from Covina Park to the end of the parade route at Maple St. and Sierra Madre Blvd.

After the parade, the riders enjoyed brunch at Nano Cafe in Monrovia (on Duarte Rd. just east of Mayflower). Randy Miller knew of the restaurant and alerted them we were coming. They opened a parking area for our bikes and closed it after we parked. We were served very well in their group dining area and the menu was good. Their main restaurant area is in a nearby room and was nearly filled. The food and service were excellent, and the group looks forward to stopping there again.

Yet another beautiful sunny New Year’s Day in Southern California!


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