Upper Santa Ana to Hidden Valley Nature Center

Date: March 27, 2010

This ride is 40 miles round-trip starting at the Quality Inn San Bernardino. The destination is the Hidden Valley Nature Center in Riverside, followed by lunch at Simple Simon’s (near the Mission Inn). Normally, the paved trail is easy and relatively flat.

Normally. On this particular day, we were faced (literally) with heavy head- and cross-winds which, at times, were so strong we felt as if we might be blown over. Imagine a 40-mile ride in a wind tunnel.

In spite of the heavy winds, the ride was fun as usual and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the exhibits at the Nature Center. When we arrived at our lunch destination, we learned that Simple Simon’s was closed for renovation due to a recent fire (scheduled to re-open soon), so we enjoyed good food in the enclosed outdoor patio of The Upper Crust just a few doors away.

Larry estimates that an “easy” ride in 40 mph winds is approximately equivalent to an “easy” 50-60 mile ride. Or, a difficult 40-mile training ride. Any way you look at it, we had a fun time as usual and learned what we are capable of in challenging, unexpected conditions.

Thanks, Mike, for another fun ride!


2010Mar27: Upper Santa Ana to Nature Center

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